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There is a reason you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or perhaps you will change theirs.

Meet Marie MOZZI

For years, Marie remembers her Dad telling her, “You have ants in your pants.” Today she laughs and doesn’t deny that at all. She knew that she had a variety of interests. Fortunately for Marie, she was encouraged and coached to try anything at least once. So she tried it all and hung tight to the things she loved. As a result, her professional and personal journey has been a collage of amazing mentors and personal experiences that have created a life-altering classroom for her. She weaves her experiences and “loves” into a unique leadership and coaching style.


Marie graduated from John Carroll University with a degree in Religious studies. Alongside the importance of her faith in her life, she never let go of her love for recreation and activity. Her belief in the integration of mind, body and spirit saw her career split between wellness and that of a full-time youth minister and Catholic school teacher. As a personal trainer, instructor, nutritionist, and competitor, Marie coached and motivated others towards a “well” life. From there, she launched into the Spa and Wellness industry. For over two decades, she has directed destination resort Spas & Wellness properties throughout the country. She is a consultant, coach and entrepreneur. Marie has worked feverishly in elevating productivity and best practices in all walks of her professional career. Marie strives to bring out the best in others.

Marie has merged her life’s work with her spiritual path with her call to mentor, inspire and coach others. She has a refined perspective, helping others uncover their gifts and pursue their dreams, not someone else’s. Marie is extraordinarily intuitive and has worked to develop and listen to this intuition. She walks her talk, sharing firsthand inspiring experiences and lessons that have carved out her life.


Marie learned soon enough that her life’s work was still waiting for her. A hard stop spoke loud and clear to Marie in the fall of 2019. She could not ignore a message that was making her more than just physically sick. It was a life-altering event for her, causing her to pay attention to her heart and intuition. A permanent change was due and there was no circling back. Her life work began to unfold as soon as she let go and listened.


Throughout her life, Marie has excelled in leadership roles. She is an unstoppable, positive force and breeds this in those around her.  Marie brings soulful, kind, fair and strong leadership to the table.  She has a passion for training, empowerment, and betterment that benefits any business’s bottom line and employees’ well-being. Using her creativity and energy, she inspires and motivates teams to work collectively to achieve set goals.

As a coach, Marie knows how to guide individuals to untether themselves from scripts of the past and download new ways of living in the present. She inspires, educates and leads others to a life of vitality and joy by integrating mind, body and spirit. For Marie, witnessing empowerment and the success of others is what truly lights her fire!

As a bridge-builder, Marie knows how to connect people and coordinate opportunities for potential “next step” connections. She believes in others, attracting visionaries in their own right, with the need for a nudge to pursue their dreams! Marie sees gifts and goodness in others, even when they can’t see it in themselves. She listens intently and collaborates with clients to create their next best step.

As a presenter, Marie has delivered heartfelt presentations to audiences of all sizes. Her genuine personality and warm demeanor make her a fun and memorable presenter. She has a gift for delivering her message to her listeners by using a combination of storytelling, humor, and audience interaction. Marie inspires others through her words.


Marie knows that her ability to lead and display heartfelt concern for others isn’t something she’s doing alone. Her life is spiritually rooted, putting God in the driver’s seat. As a young child she has been called and inspired to a faith filled path.  She has learned firsthand what it means to get out of the way for that to happen. She puts genuine concern for another’s potential at the forefront of her work.

Marie has a deep and heart-centered desire to engage in compassionate service via her work.   She shares and draws others into engaging in random acts of kindness. She has led mission trips, created corporate give-back events, and instituted gratitude initiatives like the current Heart, Hope Connection project. Marie lives through her heart, working for the betterment of others.

Youth Advocate

Young adults have benefited from Marie’s time and talents. As a teacher and youth minister, speaker, Marie advocates for today’s youth’s rights and potential. She has worked in their favor for years, writing grants for schools to improve wellness opportunities, creating a trademarked performance-based group, leading service projects, outreach work, and providing keynote addresses to youth audiences of all across the country. Marie inspires youth to find their authenticity, taking care of their mind, body and spirit, and coaching them toward establishing best practices for their future. Marie empathizes and addresses teens about holding on to their values and convictions and being clear on how they want to show up in this world.

Creating your Journey

Reaching personal and professional goals will ultimately be affected by how we treat the inside, our health and wellness. Marie is well aware that the road to taking control of your health and well-being can feel daunting at times. Marie customizes your program by incorporating food, movement, energy work and more to bring vibrancy, enthusiasm, energy and to your life. She will mentor you throughout the entire process and, when necessary, challenge you to “push” beyond your comfort zone.

As a competitive athlete and fitness professional for years, Marie knows about intensity and rigidity. It has its purpose but sometimes too much is not the answer. Embracing the body, mastering self-acceptance and discovering a gentler approach to wellness is where the answer lies.

Marie has worked with thousands to transform their lives to one of exceptional health and self-acceptance.

When it comes to filling her personal bucket, Marie loves music, singing and dance, cooking and creating and of course she loves the great outdoors. Her favorite place is the beach— any beach! Her greatest gift and title thus far is that of “Mom.” She is a “new” wife and is grateful for finding her true love. Marie resides in Madison with her husband Chuck and their Tibetan pup, Zoey.

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I was so impressed with the way you handled the kids---you have the gift. The fact that almost of the teens did not know each other, live in different neighborhoods, come from disadvantaged backgrounds and had don dancing experience really made you accomplish me all the more incredible. The ROUTEEN performance was terrific!
Ginger Trueblood, Asst. Exec. Director
Boys & Girls Clubs of Las Vegas

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